Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We made and decorated paper aeroplanes

This was very much a hands on activity for the grownups at playgroup. Once just one child became interested all the children came to the table. The older ones helped with the folds and the younger ones decorated their plane with large stickers. Then we enjoyed a game where everyone flew their planes around the room. We found that paper aeroplanes differ considerably in their capacity for flight depending on the design and also the weight of the paper used.
We used the instructions to the first simple plane at this site.

You can also get a book.


  1. love making paper plains but you are righjt it really is for the adults to do and guide

    1. Yes, though I have seen kids about 7 doing this folding

  2. This would be a great one for our craft hour too, I can't believe we've not made them before!


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