Monday, April 9, 2012

We go Green

Easy to Be Green: Simple Activities You Can Do to Save the Earth by Ellie O'Ryan and illustrated by Ivanke & Lola.

What sets this book apart from other earth day books is that it is printed on recycled materials with vegetable inks. Easy to Be Green develops eco-friendly consciousness at an early age. Besides information it has Earth-saving tips, fun facts, and easy activities kids can do to help the environment.

It explains what a carbon footprint is and why it is important to make changes. It gives ideas on what we can do with short sections on endangered animals, trash & landfills, recycling, composting and green cleaning products. Included in each section are fun activities. It is appropriate for ages 3-12. It teaches children about Earth Day and why it's important to help Save the Earth. The children aged 2 to 4 loved the pictures and were inspired to help collect the newspapers, bottles, and cans after reading it.

There are many extension activities on the internet connected to this book and other books in the series such as:

Easy Earth - saving Tips

Extension Activities PDF:

My Garden Song (sing this song to tune of Twinkle twinkle little star)
Growing, growing, little seed,
How I wonder what you’ll be.
A cabbage, a turnip, something green?
A carrot, a squash, a lima bean?
Growing, growing, little seed,
How I wonder what you’ll be.

We tried this activity suggestion:
Use an old egg carton to grow seedlings of tomatoes, beans, or other foods. Fill the carton with soil and plant a seed in each compartment. Place the carton near a sunny window and remember to water the seeds.

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  1. Great work.

    We created a puppet show script called "The Circle of the Wetlands" to let kids understand that all habitats are important to our planet's survival.

    The Creativity Institute


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