Monday, October 17, 2011

We played with balls

There is so much fun that can be had with a ball. All children like them from babies, who enjoy watching them, up to the avid sports person.  If you only had a bag of balls and nothing else you could keep a group of children amused for a long while.
We played with the balls at the end of playgroup in a big empty room when everything else had been packed away. It was interesting to see the children negotiating the rolling game of sharing the ball and who they would roll to next and the happiness when it was their turn to catch and decide who to roll to. It looked like a simple activity but everyone was learning so much, even the parents were observing how their child shared, cooperated and expressed joy.
(I wish I had taken photos but I was to busy having fun)
Read B is for Ball at Early Play


  1. We had an experience recently Georgie where we had some rather flat balls and thought they would be of no fun to anyone. One of our smallest friends had other ideas. As she is not yet walking the flat balls were ideal for her to play with on the floor as she could crawl with one hand while easily gripping the ball in the other ... Needless to say she had a BALL with them!!
    Donna :) :)

  2. Ha, ha you are funny, but seriously don't you find you learn stuff from children every day. Did you read Play Ideas where they say they put out an activity with an expectation and the children took it to a whole different place? It's here:


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