Friday, October 28, 2011

We used scissors

All the children were attracted to the new colourful scissors in there stand.
Even the 2 year olds had a turn at cutting pieces of paper with a grown ups help.
Some parents said "my child is not old enough to cut" and did not realize that they would not one day pick up the scissors and magically cut unless they had been having a turn with scissors before.

So the simple steps are
1. Holding scissors
2. Opening and closing the scissors.
3. Snipping along the edges of paper.
4. Free cutting of blank paper
5. Cutting of simple shapes
Cutting is a useful skill in itself but also in preparation for writing as using fingers in activities like finger rhymes, playdough, chalk drawing or cutting helps to strengthen fingers and hands. 
Every child will acquire the fine-motor skills needed for handwriting at a different age but exposure to these activities will help them master these skills.


  1. Pretty hard to do yourself serious damage with those sort of scissors! Some parents are a bit over the top about sharp things. They look in terror when I give their kids saws at school but really as soon as you hit skin it hurts so you stop.

  2. Hello! I love you post! If you don't mind, I will link it up to my newest post in my blog. My son and I did an art craft that was about cutting skills. This would be a great addition! Thank you very much! I love your blog :)


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