Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas celebrations went great

We celebrated with:
face painting ( see photo)
bubbles, which children always enjoy
sometimes food: translation: chips, fairy bread, lollies and cupcakes.
We also had strawberries, frozen oranges and watermelon ( it is summer here)
Songs and dances which were the favourite: jingle bells with bell shakers, silent night with chimes played softly and the hokey pokey with lots of jumping and shouting and laughing.
We gave each child an Australian animal hand puppet which they chose as a lucky dip.

Some of the parents were sad to say goodbye as their children are going to 'big school' next year.
All the children were happy.

we are taking a break from blogging
Possum hand puppet
from Fizzics Education

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  1. Sounds like great party fun and i love the animal hand puppet idea...lovely!enjoy your break!


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