Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why craft is loved at playgroup

Playgroup is different than preschool or family day care because we have lots of parents and other carers that stay for the morning. We do lots of craft, that may not be child directed, and we also do finger painting and easel painting and other more free creative activities.
We do craft for a few different reasons at playgroup:
  • children love doing an activity with their mum, dad or grandparent and craft provides lots of opportunity for this to happen.
  • parents can see what their child is capable of and help them learn the next age appropriate steps e.g. in learning to cut simple shapes.
  • some adults may find it difficult to join in more active play, for a variety of reasons, and craft allows them to sit and join in.
  • following instructions whether written or verbal teaches us skills e.g. reading is a useful thing; listening helps us learn.
  • the craft produced can be a great, inexpensive gift for a relative.
  • many children do not use scissors at home and do not develop skills needed to use them unless they are exposed to them.
  • many children do not use glue and other things at home that may make a mess.
I'm sure there are more reasons why craft is an excellent activity.
There are many great craft ideas for littlies at craft chronicles including Christmas and Easter craft

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