Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Healthy food ideas for playgroup

More healthy snack ideas here.

I love:
No. 5: Lebanese bread + avocado + grated cheese and so did the kids.
No. 15: Fruit smoothie + milk + yoghurt + honey + fruit

This is a great handout that you could use as a poster at playgroup or as a handout to all interested families on easy snack ideas for young children.

It is a PDF

These resources are from Healthy Eating at Playgroup developed by playgroup coordinators and staff in conjunction with South East Sydney Area Health and based on The Australian Guide for Healthy Eating

Thanks Vera Kratochvil for the photo.


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  3. I must agree that these juice/smoothies ideas for playgroup is fantastic, i will try them for my kiddos, thanks for they health tips ideas :)

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