Sunday, November 20, 2011

We read Flutter By, Butterfly

Flutter By, Butterfly is a small sized board book with words and illustrations by Petr Horacek.
The children liked it's bright and simple crayon illustrations on bright backgrounds.  As we turned each page they called out the name of the one animal drawn there: "Bee!" or "Beetle!" or "Lady bug!" and waited to hear the simple words, with repetition of sounds, that I asked them to repeat back to me;"Can you say Busy, buzzing bee?", "Flutterby, Butterfly?"
It is a short book which tied into our mini beast theme and is also good for a group of children which included 1 to 4 year olds.
It went really well after doing our butterfly craft and looking for things that fly in the garden and believe it or not we found 2 bees and 2 birds!
Now we just need to find a song about a butterfly. Do you know one?


  1. - her kids CD is ace and my 2 year old is very fond of "Hey Cocoon" on it. Also sweet
    and good hippy number
    looks like a beautiful book

  2. This really sounds like a wonderful book for word play.

  3. Lovely's wonderful when you have a book you can read to children and they can anticipate and join in!We have been reading a lot of books with bees in them lately and one of my toddlers buzzes everytime she sees one now!

  4. I used to have a CD with an awesome butterfly song and I have no idea which CD it was =( I'm super bummed!!! Thank you for linking up=)

  5. 5 little butterflies fluttering by.
    1 little butterfly gave a sigh....
    "I'd like to flutter right up to the sky."
    So that little butterfly fluttered high
    and the other 4 butterflies waved goodbye.

    4 little....

    (from a sing and play (5?) tape I think)


    1. We love learning about butterflies here too!
      :) Colleen

  7. I love board books, perfect for younger children. love the vibrant colours!! thanks for linking up with #readwithme xx


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